Project of 2009: Nichuta, Nepal

In the summer of 2009, Literacy For Nepal assisted in the development of a public library in the rural village of Nichuta.  Located in the Southern plains of Nepal, know as the Terai, Nichuta is a nexus for several outlying agricultural communities.  While Literacy For Nepal funded the construction of the library, ownership and management has been handed over to a village committee whose members were elected by the local village residents.

The purpose of the library is to  function as an information center for all community individuals.  In an attempt to enhance literacy in the national language, the library provides most reading materials in Nepali.  The library also is the first public facility to have access to a computer and internet.  Under the supervision of a trained staff personnel, community members can take introduction courses in the use and function of computers.
The construction of the library is nearly completed.  Finishing elements such as electricity, internet, furnishing, and the purchase of reading materials are expected to be completed by the end of 2009. 

The second half of project 2009 is to provide ten scholarships for ten children from Nichuta Primary School to continue education on to secondary school in the neighboring city, Birgunj.  All students of age have been interviewed during the summer of 2009 and selection will be made after they complete their primary school exit examination in the fall.