Background: Nepal

From the tropical river forests in the South to the highest mountains in the world bordering Tibet in the North, Nepal is both an ethnically and geographically diverse state.  With a rich landscape and a multi-cultural society, Nepal boasts an enchanting country full of life and mystic. However, Nepal is also one of the most underdeveloped states in all of Asia.

With a total population just under 30 million, there is only a 50% literacy rate.  Moreover, as one moves into rural regions of Nepal, the literacy rate continues to drop.  While there is a significant amount of foreign aid pumped into Nepal every year, it is very difficult for isolated rural regions to receive the benefits.  Access to the global market is difficult and educational institutions are extremely limited in scope and capacity.  While it only costs $200 USD for a Nepali student to pay for high school tuition, many rural children never even consider asking their parents to send them to secondary school because they know their family cannot afford it.  This is not a big surprise considering the average household income is only $1000 USD (PPP) per year.

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