About Us

Founded by two students from St. Lawrence University in 2008, Literacy For Nepal is now comprised of over 30 volunteers, hundreds of donors, and the greatly anticipating Nepali recipients of our secondary schooling scholarships.

Literacy For Nepal intends to be a staple organization for educational development and opportunities within rural Nepal, building bridges between individuals from all over the world to a universal goal of awareness, understanding, and inspiration for an ever-growing interdependent global society, and specifically for the Nepali youth that will no longer be restrained from applying their brilliant minds; Literacy For Nepal works to guarantee that Nepali youth will get their opportunity of a secondary education.

Our Mission:

To provide rural Nepali youth the means to engage in higher levels of education

To provide rural Nepali communities the means to strengthen local educational institutions

To host projects that directly target educational development for rural Nepali villages

To encourage awareness and educated integration between rural Nepali villages and the Global community